Our Work

The Purple Line Corridor Coalition (PLCC) is working to ensure that investments in the Purple Line light rail will offer the maximum economic, social, and environmental opportunities to the residents and businesses along the corridor. Since its establishment, the PLCC has conducted extensive place-based research, created informative maps and tools, provided a meeting place for different ideas and perspectives, led the creation of the Purple Line Community Compact, and helped to stimulate collaboration, focused community investment, and planning beyond the tracks.

Purple Line Corridor Goals

Our Accomplishments

Created and launched the Purple Line Data Dashboard to measure and monitor changes in the corridor and progress toward the community and economic development goals.

Led the creation of the Community Development Agreement for the Purple Line Corridor through extensive stakeholder engagement.

Why is transit so important to accessing opportunity?

For many people, it means:
  • Being able to afford both quality housing and transportation costs.
  • Local business viability, and access to necessary amenities, goods and services.
  • Access to good jobs that pay a living wage.

Our Work


A collective vision for vibrant economic and community development along the 16 mile corridor

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Opportunities are available for people of all income levels in communities throughout the corridor, especially current low- and middle-income and transit-dependent residents

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Diverse, locally established businesses grow in number and thrive during and after the construction period

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Research & Monitoring Tools

Design tools to help measure and monitor change in the corridor and progress toward the Purple Line Community Development Agreement

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Workers and employers in the corridor grow in number and are well matched in skill level and location

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Vibrant and sustainable communities enhance health, culture, and a sense of place in the corridor

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