Research & Tools


The National Center for Smart Growth, in collaboration with PLCC partners, conducts research and designs tools to help measure and monitor progress toward the goals of the Purple Line Community Development Agreement. These tools are informing planning, policy and investment in the Corridor. 


A Closer Look at the Corridor

Purple Line Plan and Regulation Information Tool

Using the Purple Line Corridor Plans and Regulations Tool, you can easily identify the plans and regulations that affect your interests in the Purple Line Corridor, and quickly access their details. It takes no prior experience with maps—just a short tutorial!—to start getting actionable insights for your project. But, digging deeper is rewarding: by walking through the use cases we provide, you can learn to hone in on the information you need.

Purple Line Corridor Data Dashboard

Explore demographic, economic, employment and housing trends in the corridor with this pilot tool designed to help measure and monitor progress toward the Purple Line Community Development Agreement.  The tool will be updated and expanded as new sources of reliable data become available.

Created by researchers at NCSG with input from numerous PLCC partners with support from a technical assistance grant from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.


Purple Line Corridor Data Maps

View more than 75 maps that help describe and understand the Purple Line Corridor by visualization of corridor-wide data on demographics, employment, housing, land use, and transit commute sheds.  These maps were produced in conjunction with the research report Understanding Opportunities and Challenges: A Review of the Purple Line Transit Corridor (2015).

Created by researchers at NCSG.


Purple Line Corridor Housing Data

Navigate the interactive map in the NCSG and Colvin Institute Multifamily Housing Tool to find multifamily rental housing facilities, metro routes and stops, as well as points of interest such as land use, zoning, and retail.  This tool, featuring data from Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, will be updated as new data becomes available.

Created by researchers at NCSG with support from the Colvin Institute for Real Estate Development at the University of Maryland.  Enterprise Community Partners, Inc., Montgomery Housing Partnership and members of the PLCC Housing advisory group provided valuable design input.




Find out more about opportunities, challenges and community and economic development strategies in the Purple Line Corridor in research reports and other related documents of the Purple Line Corridor Coalition.