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Vibrant Communities


Our Vision

We want all residents to participate in and benefit from increased investment before and after the Purple Line starts operations. Racial equity is at the center of what the Purple Line should achieve. As a coalition, that means current residents of low- and middle-income Black, Latino, and immigrant neighborhoods along the Purple Line are as likely as residents of predominantly white, historically well- resourced neighborhoods to reap the benefits of this investment.

Community-led placemaking can enhance neighborhood quality of life, help repair decades of disinvestment, and ensure the Purple Line brings equitable benefits.

Through collaboration with community-based leaders, local businesses, place-based organizations, planning departments, and others, PLCC is working to ensure:

-Pedestrians, cyclists, and bus riders can safely and efficiently navigate to and around Purple Line stations

-Corridor residents have walkable access to parks and open space

-Commercial districts are attractive, reflect local identities, and help drive traffic to Black, Latinx, and immigrant-owned businesses

-Future visions for redevelopment are inclusive and preserve neighborhood culture and character

This work complements PLCC's efforts to prevent displacement through affordable housing, small business preservation, and workforce opportunity.

Creative Placemaking

Through the new Creative Placemaking minor at the University of Maryland, students and faculty are leveraging the power of the arts, culture and creativity for the improvement of communities, in partnership with locally-based organizations in select areas of the Purple Line Corridor at greatest risk of displacement.

For more information, contact Professor Ronit Eisenbach at rze@umd.edu